Ron Kody Receives Dealers of Distinction Award from Ford!


Ron Kody, the owner of Richmond Ford, received Ford’s Salute to Dealers of Distinction Award from Ford for the time and effort he, his wife and his staff have put into not only his dealership, but the community as well.

Richmond Ford traces its history back to 1917. Ron Kody bought the dealership in 2007 and added Lincoln because he wanted to be an entrepreneur and wanted to do something more exciting with his life. He decided on a dealership because he likes cars and he likes helping out in the community and saw the dealership as a way to do just that.

Mr. Kody supports the community’s health, safety and education. He mentors students at the Hermitage Tech Center’s automotive program. He also supports Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the organization’s Tie One On campaign because the organization stands for the safety of everyone on the roads.

Richmond Ford and its owners and staff also support the Susan G. Coleman Race for the Cure organization by providing a race packet pickup location. He has donated over $175,000 in cash and services to the organization and lets them use his building for the start of the race.

Another organization he provides services for is the St. Jude Radiothon – his building is taken over for two days by the event so Richmond Ford may not sell many cars on those days, but it is worth it to Mr. Kody as the Radiothon helps fund St. Jude’s so children can get the care they need.

Furthermore, Mr. Kody holds an annual teacher’s appreciation luncheon at Patrick Henry High School and hands out gift cards to the teachers.

Mr. Kody says he doesn’t do it all by himself and that he couldn’t do it without the support of his wife and staff. He is able to help keep Richmond safe, healthy and educated through his efforts and charity work.

Help Support Richmond Ford

Help support Richmond Ford by stopping by to say thank you or by stopping by during any of its charity events. And, don’t forget to think of your own safety while you are at it – be sure to call for an appointment to have your vehicle serviced and maintained because a well-maintained vehicle is safer for everyone on the road, not just you and your family.

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