Reasons to Buy from Richmond Ford


When it’s time to buy a new vehicle, one of the decisions you need to make after you decide you want a new Ford or Lincoln is which dealership to choose. Many people choose Richmond Ford for many reasons, whether they have previously purchased or leased a vehicle from us or they were recommended by a friend or relative. In addition to a reference or a great review, there are several other reasons why you should buy from Richmond Ford.

Maintenance Program

When you purchase a new vehicle from Richmond Ford, you get two years of maintenance for your vehicle. Since maintenance is required to keep your vehicle in great condition and to minimize breakdowns, the two-year maintenance plan is a huge convenience. On top of that, we keep track of everything that has been done to your vehicle at Richmond Ford.

Service Coupons

When you buy a new car, truck or SUV from us, you get $500 in service coupons. Additionally, you’ll find that we often run specials on service and maintenance that save you money, thus decreasing the yearly cost to own of your vehicle.

VA State Inspections for Life

Since Virginia makes you get inspections, you might as well get free inspections for the life of your vehicle.

Owner Rewards Program

We also have an owner rewards program that gives you rewards whenever you spend money at Richmond Ford for select services and parts.

Additional Reasons

We also feature a monthly owner’s seminar, we have two convenient locations to make it easier for you to have your vehicle serviced, we have been recognized for outstanding customer service, and the biggest reason of all: We are Richmond’s Hometown Favorite.

Stop by Richmond Ford Today

Stop by Richmond Ford today to test drive one or seven vehicles so you can make an informed decision on the perfect car, truck or SUV for your family. Be sure to ask your salesperson to show you vehicles with the features you are interested in, including collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, rearview cameras, parking sensors, heated seats and more. Also ask about any finance or lease specials we may be running on certain models; or about service specials and the owner rewards program.

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